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Thu Nov 27, 2014, 12:32 PM
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Tue Nov 18, 2014, 10:32 AM
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Mon Nov 10, 2014, 11:04 AM
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Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:13 AM
The inner weirdo wants out...
Wed Oct 22, 2014, 12:44 PM


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In my cute (and a little chaotic :D) town you can see beautiful nature, many public works projects and some pretty paths and patterns (My town isn't fully covered in patterns, though). Moreover you can see cool houses, in which every room has a different style. Please note that I still need to finish two houses, though I've been playing since the release......Buuuuut I hope you enjoy your stay.=)

Feel free to share my Dream Address if you like what you see.:D


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Pissed off....

Sun Dec 21, 2014, 12:53 PM
Hey you. This is gonna be kind of a rant Journal entry, so if you don't like that, don't read on. I apologize for the fact that it may be waaaay too much to read. I also wanna apologize for any bad English....Here we go:

As you probably know I've been pretty inactive here lately, right? I was pretty busy with several stuff, but the main reason for this is that I'm just pissed off because of some things, and that somehow makes all my motivation fade away.

Do you remember the story about the little Café with their marmalade and that I should take photos for them? You know, all that seemed pretty perfect, it started as a great thing. Well, I took some photos of a few of their marmalades and stuff, everything was alright. We also had another project planned. Then one day before the second project they called me and told me that something got in the way. Okay, that can happen. We all know that. I was like "Alright, no problem. Let's make new plans."
First, they didn't understand why I wanted to set up a new appointment SO FAST.....Well, it's not like I got all day all the time for random things.....I had planned my week twice for them before....Time is precious, right? And of course I wanna set up a new appointment, who wouldn't? Well, then they told me they would call me VERY SOON. And guess what? I haven't heard from them since then! That was almost a month ago......
You know, I wouldn't mind it at all if they told me they're buys and we'll try again next year (which isn't far away), but nothing. And that "nothing" annoys me so much! What do they think I am? Of course it could be that they weren't satisfied with my work for some reason, but I'd prefer they'd tell me that instead of not saying anything.....I've tried to call them, but couldn't catch them....And I'm fucking tired of running after people....Why can't they just tell me what's going on? Damn, that shit makes me so angry.:angered: Finally something good happens, and then it all seems to be...Well, nothing.....Oh well......Yes yes, haters are gonna have a good laugh now....:sarcasticclap: And some other stuff isn't going as it should, either, but that's not important here....

And I'm annoyed by how artists are being treated in general. How the world keeps talendted people from being successful and all that shit...Sadly such shit happens to amazing artists all over the world, but......Like, I gotta tell you something about Robyn now. Robyn is my best friend and he's an artist, too. He would make a good photographer, but he likes making drawings and paintings best. And he's really, REALLY good at it. He also used to work as an amazing, professional tattoo artist. The thing is, his art is very, very gory and macabre. But many people are touched by it and see beauty in it, and I think that's what really matters. Well, he CAN make bright, pretty art, too, but yeah....

Not long ago he had the chance to talk to people who work with many (a little more famous) artists here in Germany, those people also help artists to get noticed. There are two bosses, and Robyn talked to one of them, getting that guy to help him to exhibit some of his work in more important places. That guy really was a fan of Robyn. He told him the other guy was "TOTALLY OKAY" with that....
Well, they liked his older work very much....Now, Robyn's style has changed, only very little, but in a more....Extreme way. He showed them his newer stuff, and that one guy said it was amazing and they'd include some of that, too. Robyn was pretty excited. Then, one day he got a call from the other guy, telling him they couldn't exhibit his stuff anymore because it was "inappropriate for sensitive audience".......Great, really great.:sarcasticclap:
You know what? I don't even think his art is inappropriate for sensitive audience. Robyn is highly senstitive himself, and I think his art is a perfect expression of how the world and its people makes people like us feel sometimes.....Yes, it may be triggering to some, but you know, people can read about an exhibition BEFORE they go there. That means, no one has to look at his stuff if they don't want to or don't feel comfortable with it. People would be prepared.....But no, once you're not the average, boring wannabe-artist, you're fucked....:disbelief: Most people just don't wanna give you a chance.....
Robyn was like "Oh well, forget that fucker and move on", which is the right thing I think, but I still don't think artists should be treated like that...=(

Even with his band.....The following could also go for other new bands, but I'm gonna use his band as an example. He has a band for which he sings and plays the lead guitars. And all the guys are really great, very creative and very skilled. Their fanbase is growing fast, but the labels don't give a fuck about them. No label has wanted them so far, just because Robyn doesn't want any random money-hungry producers and such people to fuck up their music and to tell him how and when to write his lyrics, neither does he want some random dumbass manager to tell him what to say in interviews or to "be careful and less offensive"......Don't get me wrong, he DOES want to work with such people, but with skilled ones, not idiots. And most of them are idiots.....Some time ago his band got the chance to play at a festival. Nothing too big, but still amazing. Guess what? They were allowed to play there, but they weren't allowed to play one of the band's personal favourite songs, because of its "inappropriate lyrics"....:angered: The thing is, the song is actually just full of metaphors, and if more people knew how to use their brain and think about it, they would understand and there would be no problem......"What is it about his music/art that makes people so upset in 2014?", you might wonder. Well, I can't answer that. I have no idea. I don't see anything inappropriate about it. His art and music are his feelings, and if an artist has to censore their feelings.....They're not an artist anymore....I mean, no one's forced to look at/listen to stuff they don't like...

I don't get the whole drama about some artists.....There will ALWAYS be someone who takes something for an offense, but hey....Why do they even care? As long as no one's getting hurt there's no problem....And Robyn doesn't force anyone to look at his art, listen to his music or read his blog.....Neither does he bash others all the time, like many artists do....I know this isn't really about me, but it really hurts me when people treat my best friend like shit for no reason when he's trying his best, he's been through enough....=( And I thought this story would fit the topic I'm trying to talk about...

We have freedom of speech, but I can't get rid of the feeling that you gotta censore yourself more than ever......And that's bullshit. The world needs talented people and art/music, but great people don't get a chance, while there are more and more idiots being paid tons of money for BULLSHIT.

Yup......I think I'll stop here. What I wrote above is just a small example of what's going on regarding our art and other shit, but as you can see, I'm a little hurt and don't have much motivation....And I'm sorry about that. I know I should be more active and all, but hey, I got a life and a soul, too. Not to mention that you can't see dA as a proper way to get noticed anymore....I think.
But don't worry, I'll DEFINITELY keep submitting art if time permits, and I'm really glad there's some amazing artists and people on here who still appreciate me and/or what I do.:heart:

Regarding the strange people making our artist career difficult....We try not to give a fuck about them. We'll try to do our own thing, which is hard, but not impossible. Robyn and his band are gonna try to do things by themselves as good and as much as they can, and damn, I should finally start finding ideas for the gory art project I wanted to with Robyn (I told you about that not too long ago). Maybe this could show some people that we don't need pricks like them...

Yup....That's it for today. Thanks for always reading my weird thoughts, and....Be save, have a good time, and goodnight.onion head "sleep" 
Maybe you can make a use of this, and if you want, share your thoughts on how you think artists are being treated these days and so on.


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:bulletpurple: I'm a freelance artist from South Germany and I plan on creating an own website to sell my art all over the world and not only in and around my hometown, so watch out for updates if you're interested.


If I think your art that I've seen so far is interesting enough, I WILL definitely check out your gallery or watch you, but DON'T ASK ME TO, I hate it, thanks.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Uhmmmm......Since this is MY account I love stating my opinions on here, and not everybody likes what I'm thinking/feeling. So....If you can't deal with that just stay away from me, starting a fight or a senseless discussion with me is pointless 'cause you won't win anyways, and ususally I won't change my opinion. My goal is surely not being friends with every single person on here. If you've got something to say, say in a respectful way without throwing insults and stupidity at me. So, if you've watched me and can't deal with my opinions feel free to unwatch me again. I don't wanna be rude, I just wanna make it clear right away. Thank you.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletpurple: If you're just some attention whore with a fake account fuck off my page.

:bulletpurple: I'm not shy or quiet, I'm just not very social and don't like many people...But as long as you don't make me angry I'm usually friendly. Talk to me if you want.=)

:bulletpurple: I'm still an amateur in what I do, I'll try to improve

:bulletpurple: My origins are Turkish, Swedish/Finnish and Egyptian.

:bulletpurple: I am highly sensitive, highly gifted, honest, passionate/impulsive, funny and a little bi- polar.

:bulletpurple: I am a singer.

:bulletpurple: I've been through a lot of shit.

:bulletpurple: I LIKE: animals, incense sticks, the forest, bad weather, asian/greek/indian food, strawberries, unique people, video games, Rock/Hardcore music and all that stuff, manga, tea, cocktails, red wine, tattoos and piercings, bubble tea, good perfume, going out for a meal, going for a coffee, walking around in town or other places I love in the evening, going for a walk, cooking and baking, kawaii stuff like Japanese stickers etc., teacups, the moomins, concerts, magical little things in life, talking about anything and everything to my dearies,misheard lyrics.......And Robyn, my soulmate, best friend and saver of life, my everything:heart:

:bulletpurple: I HATE: doctors, therapists, social workers, hospitals, psychiatric wards, the police, lies, boring people, girly-girls, stupid little gangsters, fake friends, average in general, selfishness, arrogance, stupidity, slutty behaviour (gender DOESN'T matter), violence, fanatically religious people, people who don't wanna wash themselves, homophobia, mainstream, people who don't have an own opinion, people who ALWAYS keep their mouth shut, heat, noisy and overcrowded places (except for concerts), smartphone addicts, strange people called feminists who hate ALL men for no reason and want other women to do the same.

:bulletpurple: If you can't stand a honest opinion, please don't ask mine. My opinons can be loud and offensive sometimes. Thank you.

:bulletpurple: FAVOURITE BANDS: My Chemical Romance, Dope, HIM, Mushroomhead, AFI, Madrugada, Wednesday 13, Linkin Park (the older stuff),Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, Evanescence, System Of A Down, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds To Mars, Mnemic, Children Of Bodom, Bring Me The Horizon, Cradle Of Filth, The 69 Eyes and SOOOO many more. =)

:bulletpurple: FAVOURITE MOVIE: Edward Scissorhands :heart:

:bulletpurple: FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME: almost everything with Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, Bomberman, kirby, Pokemon, Soul Calibur, Animal Crossing and so on. =)

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotCheck The Gallery... by Timesplitter92 I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92


:bulletred:You're NOT allowed to use these photos in ANY way without my written permission!
:bulletred:DON'T post them on other sites!

Inside The Fire by KatharinaKueblerPerfect by KatharinaKuebler
Strange Reality by KatharinaKuebler
30 Seconds To Mars IX by KatharinaKueblerEye by KatharinaKuebler
Frozen by KatharinaKuebler
Lovely by KatharinaKueblerLittle Things by KatharinaKuebler
Worlds Collide by KatharinaKuebler
Where They're Playing by KatharinaKueblerLichtermeer am Itzelberger See 2013 by KatharinaKuebler
Tiny World by KatharinaKuebler
Fruity Time by KatharinaKueblerSummer II by KatharinaKuebler
Broken. by KatharinaKuebler
Trees And Sunset by KatharinaKueblerShine Bright Like A Diamond by KatharinaKuebler
Red Morning by KatharinaKuebler
Holi Festival Heidenheim 2013 II by KatharinaKueblerHateful Street by KatharinaKuebler
Autumn Candy by KatharinaKuebler
Colors by KatharinaKueblerStrange Day by KatharinaKuebler
Winter Village by KatharinaKuebler
Memories by KatharinaKueblerThe Gate by KatharinaKuebler
Delicious by KatharinaKuebler
Happy New Year by KatharinaKueblerFirework by KatharinaKuebler


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